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Dopey Dog Artworks was named for its founder and resident artist, da Moose.

Da Moose's early life is shrouded in mystery. Nothing is known of the years before he was adopted from Basset Rescue Of Old Dominion (BROOD) in 1999 at the age of five.

In midlife, Moose became a unique character, with a particular fondness for puppies, frocks and pearls, not to mention polly ticks. Surprisingly, da Moose became a VP candidate in the ill-fated and scandal-ridden Dopeycrat campaign of 2000.

Even while he was "on the lamb" after inadvertently attempting to steal the election, he was made King of the Mishgun Basset Rescue Waddle in 2001. Three years later in an odd turn of events, he became Kween of the Mishgun Waddle.

Moose's artistic skills didn't surface until early in 2002 and since then, his masterpieces have been purchased by avid collectors worldwide.

Moreover, Moose has been very active supporting rescue organizations, and he has helped raise thousands of dollars for basset rescue organizations all over North America.

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